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Mold Removal

There are many different mold types that can be found in homes and the workplace, and different health problems can occur depending on the type of mold to which you are exposed. We do a full mold inspection to determine the source and cause of the mold. It is vital you know where the mold is coming from so it does not reoccur after the mold. Using state of the art equipment we will be able to pinpoint the possible cause of the mold. Mold removal is our expertise. Let us remove your mold and rest easy at night knowing your home is safe from mold. Learn more about black mold here.

Mold Removal Experts

The certified professionals at Moldcare can test your home for mold and tell you what kind of mold is growing there. A professional can also let you know the severity of your mold problem and locate mold you may not have spotted. Then we will do the mold removal in the safest way for you and your family.

Contact us today to have your mold removal done. We serve many areas including the Waterloo, Kitchener, and Toronto area. Call Us or visit our contact page.

Our professionals removing black mold from a house.
Black mold remediation from Moldcare.