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COVID-19 Coronavirus Disinfecting Solution

We have available options for COVID-19 Coronavirus disinfecting using Anabec Anasphere Plus. This product is registered with the EPA as a disinfectant which kills the Human Coronavirus as well as over 140 microorganisms including Hepatitis, Herpes, HIV-1 (Aids Virus), MRSA, Noro Virus, and many more. All Anabec products are designed to be the most effective while having the smallest impact on the surroundings and environment.

Our Services

Toronto’s MoldCare offers a full range of mold inspection, testing, removal and reconstruction services to home owners, property managers and home builders in the Kitchener/Waterloo region and Toronto and surrounding cities.

  • Detailed Mold Inspection

    Detailed Mold Inspection

    Think you have mold? Let MoldCare give you the definitive word on this with a visual inspection, thermal imaging, and moisture meter reading; all necessary steps to determine the degree of contamination.

  • Mold Remediation And Removal

    Mold Remediation And Removal

    Mold remediation can be a complicated procedure, especially when dealing with serious higher levels of mold contamination. Trust this complex remediation to our certified experts.

  • Commercial And Apartment Buildings

    Commercial And Apartment Buildings

    We are specialists in mold remediation in commercial structures, municipal facilities, school buildings and portables, and apartment buildings.

  • Mold Testing

    Mold Testing

    Before we determine if remediation is even necessary, we do specific surface and air testing to get the definitive word on mold levels, mold types and whether your mold is severe enough to warrant professional remediation.

  • Professional Reconstruction

    Professional Reconstruction

    MoldCare is one of the few mold companies who offer as an option the rebuilding of your living spaces after mold removal and remediation.

  • New Construction Mold-Proofing

    New Construction Mold-Proofing

    Contractors and homebuilders… Find out about mold-proofing services to increase the value of your new-build projects to prospective home buyers.

Recent Projects

Here are a few before and after photos of recent mold removal and reconstruction projects we have completed for our customers.

About Us

MoldCare is a leading mold inspection, remediation and restoration company, serving the Kitchener/Waterloo region and the Toronto area.

Our Areas Of Specialty Include:
Certified Mold Inspections Toronto
Air and Surface Mold Testing
Mold Remediation and Removal in Attics, Bathrooms, Walls, Floors, and Basements.
Post-removal reconstruction and renovation
Commercial and apartment building mold removal
New-build mold proofing

We Are:
Fully Insured
Certified Inspectors
Certified Mold Contractors

  • “We just purchased a new house and found mould on a few walls after we started removing wall paper. My wife called in a panic on Saturday night and Steve showed up Sunday morning and told us not worry that it could be removed in a day. They came the next day and the mould was gone. We were very happy and relieved.”

    Bill and Janet
    Kitchener, ON

Our Certifications

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    Why DIY Mold Removal In Toronto Is A Bad Idea

    Why DIY Mold Removal In Toronto Is A Bad Idea

    Do It Yourself projects are all the rage these days. Homeowners everywhere are swapping out their phones for hammers, taking on all kinds of jobs in and around the house. But when it comes to DIY mold removal in Toronto, you may be getting in over your head. If you’ve found mold growing in your

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    The Truth About Mold

    The Truth About Mold

    Mold is all around us. It’s outside where we work and play, it’s in the buildings where we live and sleep, and it’s even in the air we breathe. Truth be told, wherever there’s moisture, there’s the potential for mold. And if it is not removed quickly, mold can cause a host of major problems

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    The Facts On Mold

    The Facts On Mold

    Mold reproduces by releasing tiny spores into the air, and these spores can then be inhaled. Mold spores are always present outdoors, but when growing inside, their concentrated numbers are usually higher.

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    Frequently Asked Mold Removal Toronto Questions

    Frequently Asked Mold Removal Toronto Questions

    Mold. It’s all around us, from the plants and soil in our garden to the rotting wood and fallen leaves in our backyard. But many folks still don’t really know what it is and why it so important to remove mold if it finds its way into your home. Have you ever wondered about mold?