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Mold Remediation And Mold Removal

Once our MoldCare experts have done a detailed Mold Inspection and have received any necessary laboratory test results back, we will discuss the scope of the work required to remediate your situation with you in detail.

We classify each mold contamination by levels I, II, or III which is determined by the amount and type of mold found and/or the suspected severity of the area it has spread to. If the situation warrants simple cleaning of the affected areas as a Level I, we will give you our honest opinion and instructions on how you can undertake the project yourself safely and effectively. However, if you are experiencing health issues related to your mold problem, it is not recommended that you take remedial action upon yourself. During the mold removal process, tiny mold spores become airborne, and can potentially cross contaminate the entire home creating health issues for you and/or your family. It might be best to count on the experts at MoldCare to take care of your problem with the proper equipment and methods to minimize and contain any spreading of spores during the remediation process.

While a level I can easily be handled yourself, level II or III contaminations should be undertaken by a professional Mold Removal company like MoldCare. These types of contaminations require sealing off affected areas so as not to spread the mold contamination, the use of Personal Protective Equipment, and sanitizing solutions and specialized equipment which are best handled safely by professionals trained to do the job.

You will be given a written quotation detailing the scope of the remediation work that is required prior to contracting MoldCare to perform your mold removal. Once we have completed the remediation, we can then provide an estimate of the cost to do any reconstruction work which may be necessary to restore the area to it’s former state as well as the cost for any work that is recommended to be done to prevent mold from returning in the future. MoldCare is one of the few mold removal companies who have certified, insured and licensed contractors on staff who do professional construction and reconstruction work. We can also, as an option, provide you with a final air test (clearance) and laboratory results after the remediation has been done if you wish to have verification that the mold has been fully eliminated. We also provide complimentary a Post Remediation Verification (PRV) letter after every Mold Remediation project we complete.

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