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Before and After image of Mold effecting one area and the other area mold free after mold care has cleaned up the mold.

Mold Remediation And Mold Removal

Once we make you aware by a written assessment of the visual inspection and optional surface and air sampling tests, you will be the one to choose exactly what to do concerning the mold and mildew issue.

We can recommend different actions you could take, varying from a straightforward cleaning of the location with a detergent/anti-microbial option for small mold removal, to more intense procedures for bigger or more seriously impacted locations, where professional remediation is warranted.

Mold remediation is a complicated procedure and while some homeowners prefer to handle the job themselves, it’s not recommended if you are experiencing health problems related to mold exposure, or if the type and extent of mold contamination is deemed at dangerous levels. The process of removing mold stirs up the mold spores that cause symptoms, so doing the mold remediation yourself can end up making you sicker.

The scope of professional remediation undertaken by will vary according to the type of mold found, and the degree to which it has spread.  We classify this as Level I, II or III.

Prior to any remediation being started, you will be provided a written quote, and are free to discuss all aspects of the remediation process before the agreement is signed.

If you have a small area that needs mold and mildew sanitizing; we seal off the affected area to prevent the spread of spores then perform mold sanitizing procedures.

For a larger contaminated area, we create a containment barrier which seals off non-contaminated area while we remediate the affected area.

After remediation, we can, as an option, provide a final air test to verify the mold has been eliminated fully.

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