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Home – Think you’ve found Mold? Call your Toronto mold removal experts for your FREE phone consultation.

About Us – Moldcare is a leading mold inspection, remediation, and restoration company, serving the Kitchener/Waterloo region, The Toronto Area, and surrounding regions.

Services – Think you have mold? Let Moldcare give you the definitive word on this with a visual inspection.

Mold Inspection – If you are worried concerning the existence of mold you may want to plan an examination with

Mold Testing – Mold testing can be done using surface area sampling or Air sampling is the most effective and accurate approach to see whether mold exists in a specific atmosphere.

Black Mold Removal – A professional can also let you know the severity of your mold problem and locate mold you may not have spotted before.

Reconstruction and Renovation – Moldcare is one of the few mold remediation companies who offer full restoration and construction services to return your property to its former state before mold inhabitation.

New-Build Mold Proofing – Moldcare has a unique line of patented solutions which when are applied to certain building materials, renders them impervious to mold.

Commercial and Apartment Buildings – Moldcare are specialists in mold remediation in commercial structures, municipal facilities, school buildings/portables, and apartment buildings.

Mold Remediation And Mold Removal – We can recommend different actions you could take, varying from a straightforward cleaning of the location with a detergent/anti-microbial option, to more intense procedures for bigger or more seriously impacted locations.

Projects – Complete remediation/removal of attic mold in wood-framed houses using our proprietary eco-friendly systems.

Kitchener Attic Mold Removal – Complete remediation/removal of attic mold in wood-framed houses before and after pictures.

Toronto Mold Removal – Complete remediation/removal of attic mold in wood-framed houses before and after pictures.

Your Health – People often mistake the symptoms of mold exposure for other things. They might think they just have a cold or sinus infection, since mold symptoms resemble those common conditions.

Types of Mold – While there are more than one hundred different kinds of mold sometimes found in homes, on this page we’ll discuss a few of the most common.

Blog – Check out our blog page where we discuss many issues related to mold and mold removal.

Contact – Visit our contact page to reach out to us so that we may help you.