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Mold Inspection Process

Are you concerned you may have mold in your house, office, or other structure in the Waterloo or GTA area? If you are worried concerning the existence of mold, or if a house assessor or other service provider has actually located mold in a structure, you may want to plan an examination with  We do a full mold inspection to determine the source and cause of the mold. It is vital you know where the mold is coming from so it does not reoccur after the removal of black mold or any other type of mold. Using state of the art equipment we will be able to pinpoint the possible cause of the mold. Below is a brief introduction of exactly what we do during a conventional inspection:

Visual Mold Inspection Procedure

The initial step in determining a potential mold and mildew issue is the visual inspection. Throughout this stage, we will be seeking three points: evidence of moisture leak or breach, direct proof of mold growth, and locations with a potential for mold and mildew invasion. A visual assessment will cover the interior living space, crawl, basement and also attic area or cellar. The outside of the dwelling will likewise be checked out for evidence of water harm or ecological or architectural factors that could result in moisture invasion into the house.  We also use state-of-the-art Thermal Imaging Cameras to detect the presence of mold below the walls, ceiling, and floors, that may not be visible to the human eye. Once we have found mold in your house we will test the mold. Learn more about that on our Mold Testing page.

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