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Sampling For Mold

There are tens of thousands of different types of mold that can be found in our environment. It is not always possible to determine which type of mold is present with only a visual Mold Inspection. Knowing the type of mold is an important key to determining what course of remedial action needs to be taken, as well as what preventative action should be taken, to ensure that the mold does not return. The experts at MoldCare can do sample testing for you to determine what type of contamination you are dealing with.

Mold sampling is most commonly effective by:

Surface Sampling: On surfaces where we can see clear evidence of mold, such as walls, window sills, attic rafters or floors; our MoldCare experts will obtain a sample of the mold using either a swab or tape lifting procedure. Surface sampling can determine the type of mold easily, quickly and affordably. Unfortunately it is not effective for all mold situations. The samples will then be sent to an independent laboratory for analysis.

Air Sampling: In some circumstances, there is no way to collect a sample of mold from a surface. Some mold spores are airborne and do not settle easily on hard surfaces. For this reason Air Sampling is used to determine the type of mold and severity of the contamination. Air sampling is by far the most effective measurement for potential mold environments. Material and surface testing provide detailed information for only that specific approximately 1cm area. All varieties of mold sporulate and feed airborne particles to varying degrees. Only air testing can identify and measure all mold spores found in the environment. Our MoldCare experts will extract air samples from various locations, both inside the building and outside the building, and then send them to an independent laboratory for analysis. Only with air testing where the independent lab findings indicate “not elevated” for mold spores detected, can we issue what is referred to as a Final Clearance Certificate. This Final Clearance Certificate is mandatory for most hospitals, elderly homes, restaurants and businesses handling food, schools, day care facilities and more. We also highly recommend air testing for homes that have one or more occupants who suffer from respiratory illnesses and/or immune deficiencies.

Laboratory Results: Once the MoldCare experts have obtained the necessary samples for testing, they will be sent off to an independent laboratory for analysis and a report. When the laboratory report is returned to us, we will share the details of the test results with you and discuss how to proceed with safe and effective remediation for your particular situation. Contact Us today to learn more about professional inspection, testing and sampling for mold.

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