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New House Construction and Mold Proofing
Home Renovation with Fireplace and Stairs

Mold Proofing

Few people think about the possibility of having a mold problem in their brand new dream home. The reality is, new homes have a very high moisture content in all of the materials used in the build such as drywall, wood studs, concrete foundations and flooring. It can take years for all of those materials to dry out completely, leaving the perfect damp environment for mold to flourish. In addition, improvements in the energy efficiency of new homes make them so air tight today that they don’t “breathe”. We cook, we shower and we use gas fired appliances; all things that contribute to higher levels of humidity in the home which in turn creates a comfortable environment for mold to grow.

New home builders and developers are more than ever turning to mold proofing strategies at the time of initial construction of their projects in order to be proactive in the prevention of mold. The cost of mold proofing far outweighs the cost of damage that can occur to your investment from a mold contamination; not to mention the potential health hazards that you and your family may be exposed to because of mold. MoldCare has a unique line of patented solutions which when applied to certain building materials, renders them resistant to mold. At MoldCare, we use high quality commercial products, including mold proofing products which come with an industry-leading 30-year warranty. Don’t wait until you have mold; give yourself peace of mind knowing that mold won’t be a problem in your new investment. Call us today for more details on this groundbreaking service.

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